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What I make

Heartfelt Fashion is proud to bring you an exiting mix of creative design and craftsmanship with the finest quality of woolen products. 

What makes our products so special is that they are created using a combination of traditional and modern artisan felting methods and only the softest and natural materials available.   

Each of our products is handcrafted individually  from hundreds of drafts of a raw wool. We use a sophisticated blend of Australian Merino wool and silk in our scarves and wraps to give a textile that will be incredibly  soft  to the touch against your skin.

The variety of colour combinations could be endless like endless combination of notes in a music. We create a contemporary palette for each season and we keep a permanent line of classics.


Why I make

Every time an inspiration comes from a different source. To get the inspiration for colour which is the key element in my product I go to nature, where you could find the most strange but beautiful colour combinations. I love Irish landscapes, I think we have not only 40 shades of green, but also the same for grey if we look at our sky, which changes so quick and has such dramatic contrasts.

History, literature and art are always a great source of inspiration for me. Developing the range of my ruffled neck-pieces, I wanted to transfer the feeling of vintage femininity inspired by literary characters of romantic and Victorian period into fashionable and practical modern accessories. Names of my designs in this range are the names of female characters like "Jane" - Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, "Emma" - Emma Woodhouse by Jane Austin, "Cathy" - Catherine Earnshaw by Emily Bronte, etc.

Irish heritage is also a big source for my inspiration. Even before I came to Ireland I have absolutely loved Celtic art and music and now I am trying to incorporate Celtic motives into my modern designs and patterns.


How I make

In developing this product, the goal is to merge sophisticated design with comfort and practicality in everyday wear. For this I chose only the highest quality luxurious materials primarily the softest Merino wool and raw silk mix and also 100% silk fabrics. These materials have unique organic qualities which make them so special.
Wool and silk are wonderful organic fibres for textiles which come into contact with the skin as both have a protein structure and  chemically are quite similar to human skin. Coming from different sources, they perfectly compliment each other as they have similar unique qualities:

  • Optimal insulation - It is naturally thermal regulating keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Also structure of felt only increase this quality giving you maximal comfort with a very fine and soft layer of textile giving you more freedom in motion.
  • ʻWickingʼ effect - silk and wool fibres can absorb water and store up to 1/3 of their dry weight inside their fibres without feeling damp. Any absorbed water will move to the surface area of the fibre and evaporate that's why it feels so comfortable. 
  • Self- cleaning
    Wool felt is self cleaning and does not smell. The creatine in the wool naturally breaks down bad-smelling bacteria from the skin. When it gets wet, the salts and lanolin combine to form a natural soap, which washes and cleanses the wool. The garment  can be aired out in humid weather or in the bathroom.
    •  In addition to self- cleansing qualities wool felt is Dirt and water repellent when silk is also relatively robust. Its smooth surface resists soil and odors well. Silk is wrinkle and tear resistant.

Not to forget the beauty of these fibres - while wool provides a cosy soft feel, silk shines — because of silk's unique sheen, colours radiate and exude a shimmering character.