My name is Natasha Nosenko, originally from Latvia but living in Co. Laois since 2004 where I found an inspiration to set up a business in fashion and crafts. I am a full-time designer and feltmaker.
I have a big interest in visual arts as I was surrounded with paintings growing up in an artistic family and working as an artist since the age of 16 but painting and drawing never gave me full satisfaction as I wanted to bring those colours into a real shape and texture. Eventually I found it.  It was FELT!
Wool is easy to dye and each time it gives a unique effect; it gives an interesting texture being combined with other fibres like raw silk, bamboo, flax or other textile fabrics (nuno-felting).  You can create almost any shape you want as wool has a great memory.  My other interest was fashion and image interpretation as I focused a lot of my research on perception and semantics (or meaning of visuals) during my professional study of psychology.  Now I create wearable pieces like wraps, scarves and clothing; translating feelings, symbols and poetry into colours, shape, texture.  It is a vast field of experimentation for me and I try to come up with new ideas every time so that each piece is one-of-a-kind.  My long term ambition is to create seasonal collections of wearable pieces same as pieces of wearable art.  I also welcome custom orders as it gives me the opportunity for close work with my customers and an individual approach to each piece.